L’école d’été #1

3 June 2023, 11:00–13:00 / 19, Crac, Montbéliard (France)  

In the framework of the exhibition La Ville En Jeux by The Outsiders.

The Outsiders (the collective behind Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills) are currently exhibiting at 19, Crac as well as taking part in their commons-focused summer school. Here, they bring together various works testifying to their collaborative productions in Utrecht, Maastricht, and Rio de Janeiro.

For this occasion, we join The Outsiders in France on Saturday for L’école d’été #1. The day starts with our team member and curator Leana Boven together with artist Annette Krauss, who will do a session on unlearning over-production. This contribution runs in connection with Unlearning Center, a new, upcoming educational initiative that finds its roots in the Casco team and Annette Krauss’ Site for Unlearning (Art Organization), whose premises are currently presented at Nina bell F. House Museumexhibition. Afterwards, The Outsiders go in conversation with La Damassine, an educational space dedicated to local fruits and agriculture.

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