Meeting and conversation on domestic labor

8 December 2016, 19:30 / Casco HQ

We would like to invite a small number of you to an intimate, self-closed conversation with our friend Sakiko Sugawa, co-founder of Social Kitchen in Kyoto, visiting fellow at Queens Museum (2015–2016) and a researcher/activist who has recently moved to the Netherlands to continue her commitment to the issue of domestic labor and working with domestic workers. This occasion is being held especially to welcome Sugawa to the Netherlands and as a chance to learn from her experiences of working with domestic workers in New York, her engagement with Social Kitchen, and to share our long-lasting, common interest in the value of reproductive labor. If you would like to join this meeting please email Anne Punt.


To Become Two is financially supported by the K.F. Hein Fund and the Fentener van Vlissingen Fund. The Casco program is supported by Mondriaan Fund, the City Council of Utrecht, and DOEN Foundation via Arts Collaboratory.

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