Mutual Support Platform 

9 & 10 September 2023, 12:00–18:00 / Casco HQ
With Yuliia Elyas, Cara Farnan, Charli Herrington, Kexin Hong, Minsun Kim, Sinwah Lai, Lo Yuen Ming, Francisco Baquerizo Racines, Kristel Rigaud, Heekyung Ryu, Ying Yi Wu, Lin Chun Yao, and Jinxiao Zhou.
Organized by Katayoon Barzegar with Lo Yuen Ming in the context of Uitfeest.

The Mutual Support Platform (MSP) is a space for conversations and actions by, between, and for alumni (including students and teachers) of our close educational partner HKU MAFA in Utrecht. The platform is dedicated to deal with and intervene in working and living conditions collectively, to exchange on how to sustain one’s practice, unlearn unquestioned ways of doing so, and support one another. This is the second year MSP showcases their practices through a public program during the Uitfeest weekend in our office and the Abraham Dolehof courtyard.


Exhibition and hangout

Both days, continuously

A multidisciplinary small-scale exhibition by the various MSP members in our building and courtyard. Moreover, a silkscreen dock is present to launch a shirt line that features MSP quotes and memories – bring your own shirt to participate. Food and drinks are served.

Ying Yi Wu – EaT mY arT 

Both days from 14:00–18:00

A drop-by experience with storytelling on youth, heritage, and food.

Lin Chun Yao – The Objective tells you [ ] 

Both days at 15:30 & 16:30 (30 min sessions)

A participatory performance on the search and pursuit of truth.

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