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29 January 2017, 14:00–16:00 / Casco HQ

Coinciding with the last day of the To Become Two exhibition by Alex Martinis Roe at Casco – and before its travel to ar/ge Kunst, Bolzano and thereafter The Showroom, London – we are organizing a Sunday afternoon meeting to envision a feminist network by drawing upon five key practices developed from the renowned Graduate Gender programme of Utrecht University. These practices are explored through Martinis Roe’s performance and film Their desire rang through the halls and into the tower (2014/2016) on view at Casco as part of To Become Two.

The above practices include a now very pertinent and familiar modus operandi involving: 1) the practice/theory double-track approach to institutional politics; 2) international networking; 3) pluralism; 4) affirmative critique; and 5) transdisciplinarity. The afternoon is moderated by artist Martinis Roe and Casco’s director Binna Choi and involves key contributors to the project, Gender Studies programme faculty members and students alike. They will elaborate on each of the five practices through examples and discuss how these might be useful, repurposed, and/or amended towards developing feminist networks in further contexts. Such contexts include the evolving relationship between Casco and the Gender Studies programme and their wider network of diversity and intersectionalist politics. Further, this network embraces the urgent need for broader organization against rising nationalism and towards new inclusive and generative modes of social organization.


With Alex Martinis Roe and Vasiliki Belia, Rosemarie Buikema (chair of the Programme), Svenja Engels, Janneke Koers, Tjalling Valdés Olmos (on behalf of Terra Critica) and more from the Gender Studies programme of Utrecht University

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