Publishing Class talk with Gwen Allen & picnic book launch

18 October 2013–19 October 2013 / Utrecht
Casco office (Nieuwekade 213) and Casco Storefront (Voorstraat 88)

Together with the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) MFA/Artez, we gladly invite you to join us for a talk with art historian Gwen Allen as well as a fall picnic book launch with Hanan Benammar, Aziza Harmel, Maja Hodošcek, Isabel Marcos, David Maroto, Marianna Maruyama, Quenton Miller, Padraig Robinson, and Larraitz Torres. Don’t miss the double Publishing Class event with talks, screenings, picnic treats, and of course books hot off the press! 

Gwen Allen is invited as the first guest tutor for Publishing Class IV: Community in Print, which focuses on the notion of serial publishing as inspired by art publishing enterprises in the 1970s such as artist collective General Idea’s FILE and more contemporary examples like artist Can Altay’s journal Ahali. In her talk, Allen shares her expertise on publishing practices worked through in her book Artists’ Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art (2011). This directory brilliantly excavates the heyday of artists’ magazines from the 1960s to the 1980s, contextualizing them within their social milieu and illuminating their function as alternative sites for exhibition practices. During the event Allen’s publication is available for sale by San Serriffe along with a small selection of artists’ magazines. 

The following Saturday afternoon we gather at the Casco Storefront (Voorstraat 88) for indoor picnic festivities to launch the Publishing Class III: How to Live Together composite book. In the nooks and crannies of the How to Live Together setting by artist Christian Nyampeta, Publishing Class participants present extensions of their individual publications addressing their associative publics. The day’s schedule includes: a screening of the Tunisian film Gunga Din (1939); a simultaneous launch event at Café Lavanderia in Shinjuku, Tokyo; and a collective reading with students from the Lasko Elementary school. The day closes with a collective djing event recalling the late night festivities held throughout the school year at the DAI. Come celebrate with us! 

The Publishing Class III: How to Live Together books are available for sale during the event and for pre-order.

The full program available below.

14:00–14:30 Illiterate Orchestra, amateur instrumental karaoke led by Larraitz Torres  
14:30–15:00 How To Live Together radio play broadcasted on Radio SBS FM, organized by Hanan Benammar  
15:00–15:40 Onutregse Toestanden (An ideal for living) screening event and talk with director Ruud Bakker, organized by Isabel Marcos 
15:40–16:15 Visiting Kytopia, a small walk to visit musicians that have converted an industrial building to suit their communal working and living needs 
14:00–17:00 Gunga Din (1939), 117 min, on loop; screening arrangement by Aziza Harmel 

Remote Contributions
14:00–17:00 Class Breaks Promo (2013), 08:08 min, on loop, by Maja Hodošček 
14:00–17:00 Thank you, and we’re listening, open letter from 2012 addressing Instagram users by Padraig Robinson 
17:00–19:00 Simultaneous launch at Cafe Lavanderia in Shinjuku, Tokyo arranged by Marianna Maruyama 
16:15–onwards All together basement party! 


Publishing Class is an imprint of DAI Publications, a collection of artists’ books jointly published by the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie.

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