Rogue Game – Appendix to COHAB

11 September–2 October 2011 / Utrecht
Game: 11 September, 12:00 
Feedback time: 11 September, 17:00 
Presentation: 11 September–2 October 2011  Rogue Game takes place at Sportcentrum Olympos, Uppsalalaan 3, Utrecht (De Uithof university campus) and then moves to Casco for refreshments and feedback time. Transport between the two locations will be provided. To participate, attend the game or reserve a seat on the bus please email Yolande.

Rogue Game is an ongoing project by artist Sophie Warren, architect Jonathan Mosley in collaboration with artist Can Altay, this time, activated as the finissage to COHAB: an assembly of spare parts (22 May–10 July). Six local teams are assembled to play three sports (5-a-side football, basketball and volleyball) on the same pitch thereby transforming it into a hosting terrain for territorial negotiations, championing obstacles, collisions and clashing balls. A new setting is thus created where rules and regulations are negotiated and strategies for cohabitation outside the confines of a sport field are illuminated. The undercurrents of negotiation are further worked out through the identities of the various teams.  

The participating teams so far include: 
Odysseus 91 (student female soccer team) 
Hercules (student soccer team) 
Vlerk Homovolleybal Utrecht 

Amazone Utrecht (female basketball team) Acting as an interim assembly hall for the game “huddle,” Rogue Game exhibition recomposes the Casco space into a playing site for the audience. Demarcations of the three sports are taken from their usual sport hall milieu into the exhibition space to further export strategies for cohabitation. This is facilitated by a “territorial enquiry” based on municipal records around local distribution of sport centers in Utrecht presented along with issues of public welfare and service with support materials from the COHAB exhibition and documentation from previous Rogue Game events. This array of materials integrates gaming instinct into COHAB’s set of proposals for how inhabitants or stakeholders intervene or contribute to the urban sphere.

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