Show and Tell

17–18 November 2007 / Casco HQ

Show and tell was specially developed as an adaptable workspace for Hidden Curriculum, a project by Annette Krauss. Hidden Curriculum consists of a series of workshops with two groups of 16-18 year old students, looking at the unrecognized and unintended knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of the learning process in schools. As part of Celine Condorelli’s ongoing research into support structures, Show and tell enables a space that can evolve with the Hidden Curriculum, reflecting and questioning the students’ actions and investigations. 

The space is cloaked in three large sets of layered curtains that surround the room and coil into the center. The curtains are made from materials of different weights and opacity: coloured translucent plastic, wool and hessian. The students can move the curtains around to easily and quickly alter the space: overlaying them to different degrees, opening up and enclosing areas to create different levels of openness and privacy, enabling them to decide how public certain moments and parts of the project can be. 

The space is also furnished with a set of tables, cupboards and seats that are constructed out of joined together parts of other existing furniture, which can also be re-configured and separated depending on different needs and situations. These adaptable elements offer the students multiple possibilities to change their environment, both responding to and affecting their activity and interaction.


Celine Condorelli
Annette Krauss

This activity is part of:

An annual get-together for commoning art institutions through collective (un)learning, workshops and action plans.

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