Their desire rang through the halls and into the tower

3 December 2014, 20:00 / Casco HQ
While the event is free, r.s.v.p. is required to reserve your place; please send an e-mail to Ying.

Their desire rang through the halls and into the tower (2014) is a spoken performance devised by artist Alex Martinis Roe. The performance intertwines the histories of Anna Maria van Schurman, the first female university student in Europe who attended Utrecht University in the seventeenth century, and the development of the Women’s and then Gender Studies research school at that same university. Based on oral histories and textual research by Martinis Roe, members of the Graduate Gender Programme of Utrecht University collectively edited the script and perform a group political diagram composed of layered and partial accounts of this trans-historical community. 

This project is part of a series of films and performances by Martinis Roe that traverse different feminist communities and political practices exploring a genealogy of sexual difference feminism, which began in France and Italy during the early 1970s. Looking simultaneously at collective and personal histories, the artist hopes that propositions for future collective practices emerge. One film from the series A story from Circolo della rosa (2014), which was made during a period of oral history research with the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective, is screened before the performance. The artist also gives a brief introduction to her research.

3 December 2014
Casco HQ


The work is commissioned by Casco and is also a collaboration with the Graduate Gender Programme of Utrecht University and co-presented with If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam. It is co-funded by Einstein Foundation Berlin and realized with the support of the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Samstag Program, Adelaide, Australia. Participants: Vasso Belia, Deborah Sielert, Svenja Engels, Lindsay Grace, Janneke Koers, Ash Marks, Ronja Mannov Olesen, Juliette Sanchez-Lambert, and Evelyn Wan.

This activity is part of:

A genealogy of “feminist new materialist” and “sexual difference” theories through engagement with different international feminist communities and th

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