Hop Art – Beer is Art – Design Contest

22 November–1 December 2013 / Casco HQ

“We consider the mixing of natural ingredients until tasteful beer emerges, as a form of art.” 

 – Ronald and Sander van de Streek 

Are you an artist, graphic designer, photographer or beer drinker? We invite you to design a beer label for the special Hop Art beer series of vandeStreek brewery. If you win, 3000 bottles will be adorned with your design and name and you will receive a box of your own beer to enjoy. 

Don’t hesitate and enter the vandeStreek design contest! 

With this contest, we proudly continue our collaboration with the young Utrecht brewery vandeStreek beer, established by brothers Sander and Ronald van de Streek. Involved in artist Christian Nyampeta’s project at Casco Storefront, How to Live Together, the Van de Streek brothers assist in Nyampeta’s own brewing with bottles on sale at the Storefront. Following their notion of “beer as art,” the brothers will brew a series of special beers next year. 

At this year’s end comes the launch of the Hop Art series inspired by the collaboration with Nyampeta, who designed the first batch’s label. You can be the designer of the second Hop Art beer label! 

Send in your design before 1 December 2013. It is not necessary to provide a finished label; an image, idea, or sketch is sufficient. 

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