Food Sovereignty in Zapatista territories: an exchange of stories and practices

23 October 2021, 14:30–17:30
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Read the house rules and COVID-policy below
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The Zapatistas are coming to Utrecht!

The Indigenous Zapatista guerilla army rose up to resist the NAFTA free trade agreement in 1994 and captured the world’s attention. Their struggle against the Mexican state to defend their territories against corporate greed, for Indigenous rights and sovereignty inspired a global solidarity movement. With their self-organized and autonomous communities in Chiapas and through their stories and art, the Zapatistas built a radical imagination, that resonates far and beyond.

Collectives and cultural organizations based in Utrecht joined the organizing effort from Gira Holanda to receive and host the Zapatista delegation for two days. For the full two day-program, please visit this page. On Saturday 23 October we will welcome them at Casco. 

During this afternoon the Zapatista delegation shares their stories, practices and knowledges about how food sovereignty is organised in their territories. We discuss a diversity of related topics, such as seed commodification and access to land, and through this reflect on the organisation of our food systems. With various local initiatives and collectives also represented, we will exchange experiences of struggle and empowerment through food sovereignty.


14:30–14:40 Word of welcome
14:40–15:10 Introductory presentation by Compas 
About food sovereignty: how do Zapatistas organize their food system, inside and outside Zapatista territory?
15:10–16:10 Topical questions
Seed commons: What role do seeds play in the Zapatista community? What does the historical/current struggle for seed sovereignty look like?
Access to land: What role does land play in the Zapatista community? What does the  historical/current struggle for land look like?

16:10–17:10 Knowledge exchange 

House rules, COVID-policy

  • To enter the events, please bring your QR code or a negative selftest no older than 24 hours. We ask you to wear masks and keep a safe distance from the Zapatista delegation
  • No pictures without asking consent
  • No livestreaming or public revealing of the delegation’s location
  • Zero tolerance for sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic behavior or any other form of psychological or physical oppression, discrimination, exclusion, violence or harassment. If you violate this policy, you will be asked to leave. Please see the statement from the feminist members of Gira Holanda here.
  • Speak up or intervene when something happens and alert one of our volunteers. We are only safe together.


Facilitated by Casco, the Barricade, Food Autonomy Festival Utrecht and Taste Before You Waste.

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