Gestures and Embodiments, or, How To Live Together

6 September 2013, 19:00–22:00 / Goleb’s Project Space

During the early half of 2013, Christian Nyampeta, a London based artist, became a regular resident and active participant at Goleb studios. Christian joined us through collaboration with Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht for its Artist at Work program.

We would like to invite you to a public gathering at Goleb to explore possible structures, devices and gestures to promote ways in which we live together, especially in the wake of conflicts. This is also a subject of his inquiries to be presented on the commission of Casco that opens on Friday 20th September at 6pm at Casco Storefront (Voorstraat 88, Utrecht).

Below are Christian’s notes inviting you to his overall activities and the now planned intervention at Goleb. We warmly welcome you to be with, talk to, or meet us at Goleb’s project space.

How To Live Together

This evocative sentence could be the subject of a humorous quest, an indication or guidance for subjective impulses, or for political strategies. Through this phrase, derived from Roland Barthes, one can imagine forms of acting in common that leave room for personal desire and solitary action, which may be punctuated by sporadic gatherings. This form-of-life proposes the everyday as an activism that synthesizes pleasure, work and expansive knowledge…

If the legion of oppression wears a uniform, then arrogance is the insignia adorning its jackets. Could moments of solitude, weariness, sleep, and other such phenomena, counter arrogance? By drawing attention to these, one can consider the vital role played by such bodily conditions in resolving everyday and worldly conflicts.

What practical and theoretical structures can we dream up to promote living, working and resting solitarily and together?

Does Goleb – a space that mixes both daily existence and studio practices – offer such a structure? Please join us this evening and let us reflect actively on the bodily gestures and living structures that could help us to navigate toward a better future.

Warm greetings,

Christian & Goleb

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