Snowflakes Falling On The International Dateline

19 January–23 February 1997 / Casco HQ

Snowflakes Falling on the International Dateline was originally conceived as a set of three pairs of artists: Daly and Periton, Jones and Lloyd, Creed and Floyer. It shows work by an extremely coherent group of British artists. The artists share an interest in popular media and its apparent opposite, art and art history. A love of popular music. A sense of irony, some genuine romanticism, a sense of the absurd. An inclination toward the tangential observation, by which a complex thought or feeling becomes a complex one-liner. An attraction simultaneously to the domestic and the glitzy, to ephemeral activity and traditional sculpture, to the baroque and its opposite, the minimal. A fascination with the rigorously conceptual together with a horror of pomposity. Intelligence, a sense of pathos, the use of fragile everyday materials, an interest in identity and image. They take seriously the fashionable issue of the integration of art and everyday life, and for this reason are wryly humorous about it. Their art is about art and life, and about other media that are about art and life. At the same time they are attracted to fiction, to glamor and the idea of glamor. All this is very British. 

All the artists are artists first but also have an involvement in other media, or in other art activities. These include performance dancing, performance guitar-playing, the writing of music, the writing of art criticism, and curating. Making photographs, films or music have become integral parts of the artists’ work. 

British art is internationally fashionable. But the Dutch are more likely to hear the rumor of it than see the real thing. And it is complained that it is always the same British artists under discussion. Snowflakes Falling… is one small attempt to change that. 

The band OWADA (Martin Creed, Adam McEwen & Keiko Owada) will play on Saturday, January 18. 

The exhibition title is the title of an album by 60s band Count Five. 


Hillary Lloyd, Princess Julia. Casco Issues #3 

David Lillington, Not sure about the global brain but the body can withstand a lot of abuse. Casco Issues #3 Hilary Lloyd: THREE D.J. SCULPTURES


Curated by guest curator David Lillington

With support of The British Council

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