Story Space on Gift Economies

Workshops, discussion and newspaper focused on alternative economic systems and led by Swop Network.

13 May–17 June 2006 / Casco HQ

Andrea Creutz (Copenhagen) and Lise Skou (Aarhus) have been working as Swop Network since 2003. Swop Network has initiated a variety of projects that present models for economic systems that function as counterparts to the dominant monetary economy.  

For their project at Casco, Swop Network met with a number of Utrecht-based self-organized groups that are working with alternative economic systems, such as gift economies and models of free distribution. At Casco they organize a program of collaborative workshops and discussions that leads into the production of a digital story space, creating large, complex hypertexts that are easy to link, revise and reorganize, allowing one to record ideas in virtually any medium (text, image, sound, video), and reposition, revise, and shape them into final form.  

Extracts from the story space are edited into GRATIS, a free newspaper that publishes as a counter-public to the existing free newspapers such as Metro and Spits – also freely distributed but driven by advertising revenue and the commercialisation of information rather than gift. GRATIS will be distributed through the same channels as the existing free newspapers in Utrecht and beyond. Swop Network will also conduct a gleaning tour in which they will collect food that would have otherwise gone to waste for a food evening at Casco. 


13–15 May:  

Workshops with local groups working with gift economies to produce a story space and the free newspaper, GRATIS 

May 16–June 17: 

Presentation of Story Space on Gift Economies  

Tuesday June 6: 

Launch of free newspaper GRATIS 
Gleaning tour and food evening 


Story Space on Gift Economies was made possible with the support of Gemeente Utrecht, the Mondriaan Foundation and the Danish Arts Council.

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